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Swarm of Bees


Learn how to beekeep from us

What started as a hobby, turned into a passion for us at Praire Gardens Land Ethic. With 20+ hives and growing at our facility in Arlington Heights, we teach basics in beekeeping from how to set up a hive all the way to honey extraction at the end of the season. Not sure if you want to invest time in beekeeping? Rent a hive from us and we will take care of it from the set up to monthly checks.


Renting a hive is a great way to contribute to the environment without having to work! Here are a few ways to start a hive through us:

Nucleus hive (Nuc): Small, young colony consisting of 5 frames. Established colony with a mated queen as well as food stores already available.

Packaged hive: 3lbs package of bees and a mated queen. This is a full colony without drawn frames or food stores. Slower population group than a nuc hive.

Split hive: Hive division from one of our full hives. Few frames of resources (honey, pollen, brood) are used to start a new hive. Bees raise their own queen.

Contact us for prices and more information!

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